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Please call between 10 am and 4 pm to place your order: 905-852-3029

The FLORAL EMERGENCY Hotline: 905-852-3029

Break it down for me

The Store

Christina Curry, proprietress of Keith’s Flower and Gifts, is known in certain circles as being a legendary giver of gifts. From the saucy to the the sweet, the tastefully sassy to the elegant, the variety of curated giftware in store suit a plethora of recipients for every occasion.


Vase Arrangements

From modern and sleek to wild and loose, oodles of lilies with grass peeking through collared with looped leaves, daisies, asters and thistle that looks that it was just cut from a meadow.

Wedding Shiz

Wedding packages? Smeding packages! We just don’t understand wedding packages, these days there isn’t such thing as a cookie cutter wedding, the package theory just isn’t for us! And that’s why we don’t have them, what can I say? We’re innovative! Don’t listen to those internet memes, you are a special snowflake, and your big day is your vision, your choice and your budget.


Who’s Who in the Floral Zoo

Christina Curry, a long-time resident of rural Sunderland and proprietress of Keith’s Flower Shop, has a goal of becoming the next Martha Stewart. She claims it’s going well.

Lover of animals, her current number of furry friends is 44 and counting!

Julien Kelland, professional flower child, became Ms. Curry’s protege in 2020 and boasts about having the most extraordinary mentor (even on non-pay weeks)!

This willowy beauty is a proud cat and dog mama and a master of the cut bouquet. Also a professional songbird, she serenades the blooms as she arranges. Those dreamy plant and product pictures you see? 100% flower child, a photographer extraordinaire.


Yes, there is a Keith!

Our founder, Keith Davidson, was florist at large in Uxbridge Ontario for a whopping 49 years. Satisfying his entrepreneurial streak in 1962 he opened Keith’s Flowers on upper Brock Street and had the pleasure of designing for HRH Queen Elizabeth as well as designing the florals for several NHL Players weddings.